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Raya Yarbrough

Raya Yarbrough is a singer, songwriter, composer, arranger, and playwright, whose poetry and pros are the basis for many of her songs. Currently she fronts a 5-piece string ensemble, backed by her electronic beats and soundscapes, crossing genres from artistic-pop, to jazz, to poetry set to music. She is also a director of her own award-winning music videos – her video for “Holler Down To Your Girl” a setting of one of her original poems, has won multiple film festival awards, including an independent Film Festival at Cannes. In 2013 she wrote and mounted an original musical, North of Sunset, West of Vine about the people she knew and the places she remembered from her childhood, living on Hollywood boulevard. This musical became her 2018 album of the same name.

Yarbrough may be most easily recognized as the evocative solo vocal in the opening credits of the hit TV series Outlander, and as the ephemeral female voice from the 2003-2009 Battlestar Galactica series. Currently her vocals can also be heard on the new Rings Of Power series on Amazon Prime. Yarbrough has performed internationally with world class musicians such as Terrance Blanchard, and Portugal.The Man, and performed at The Hollywood Bowl. She has a degree in Jazz performance from the USC Thornton School of Music and has released five albums of original music.



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