ViDDD makes it easy to create and make money from virtual events, classes and concerts.

You can create a one-click paywall using our official Zoom integration, private one-on-one video rooms or professional multi-camera live concert events.

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Create virtual events, classes and concerts. Make money selling tickets and build your brand. For free.

Club owners, bands or DJs can create their own branded page to stream live concerts.

ViDDD has special paywll features like guest lists, fan chat, tipping and custom pricing tools.

Teachers or trainers can create branded pages with tools to set schedules and prices on training sessions.

ViDDD has web-based private one-on-one video streaming tools that allows teachers and trainers to work with their students clients or fans.

ViDDD is an authorized Zoom partner. If you are teaching classes to students of any kind you can use your Zoom account with ViDDD to set up paywalls and student tipping.

ViDDD has streaming logistics covered

Start a ViDDD creator account and connect securely to your bank account powered by Stripe. Then, create events and get paid.

Features and streaming types:

  • Zoom Meetings
  • Private, Secure 1-on-1 video conference
  • Live Stream (high-quality broadcast)
  • Pre-recorded Video
  • Detailed sales reports
  • Class Schedule Tools
  • Custom Pricing Tools
  • Fan or Student Tipping
  • Payouts directly to your bank account
  • Private Messaging
  • Realtime Chat

Schedule your event and set the price.
Invite your clients, fans or friends to buy tickets directly on your ViDDD event page.

Go live and get paid.

How much does ViDDD cost?

ViDDD actually pays you. When you set up your ViDDD account, you link your bank account for deposits via our partner, Stripe. ViDDD fees are about 13% of gross sales for your concerts, classes or events. ViDDD pays out within 48 hours. We keep it simple and easy.

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