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Curtis Peoples - Live From The Hotel Cafe

Curtis Peoples is a pop artist and Platinum certified singer/songwriter with a defined understanding of how to create dynamic yet radio friendly music that fans of both rock and pop can enjoy equally.

As a solo artist, Curtis has released a number of albums and EPs. He has worked with Ryan Tedder, Marshall Altman, busbee, Steven Solomon, Nathan Chapman, Kevin Griffin, Tyler Hilton, and Vic Fuentes.

Curtis also has found success as a songwriter for other artists including Third Eye Blind, Pierce The Veil, Grayscale, Traces, Luna Aura, Jake Wesley Rogers, etc.

Curtis is also a member of the band Kids In America. The band's hit single "Summer of Love" was featured on Esquire, Billboard, Sirius XM, and Alternative radio. Curtis also has written songs for and co-produced alt rock side projects Pep Squad and Rvrside.



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About The Hotel Cafe

From a close-knit family of local singer songwriters, to well known icons opting for a more intimate setting, the Hotel Cafe has been celebrating the live music experience for over 20 years.

With early career performances from names like Adele, Katy Perry, The Lumineers, Billie Eilish, Ed Sheeran, Sara Bareilles, Leon Bridges, Haim, Mumford and Sons, Lord Huron and many others, the venue has been labeled a break-out room for independent and burgeoning artists.

The venue itself is located in the Cahuenga Corridor in the center of Hollywood, CA. With a total capacity of 300 over performance rooms, the vibe is intimate, yet bustles with the artistic community that survives by it as much contributes to it. It is a genuine listening room, where the performance on stage takes precedent.

The Hotel Cafe is also more than just a music venue, however. It is an internationally-known entity whose name has top-lined tours and music festivals from coast to coast in the US, UK and Europe. But most importantly, the Hotel Cafe is a community of discovery. Whether musicians or music fans, all realize this carefully curated roster of talent is no aberration; it is consistent, cultured and begs attention. Everyone who sets foot in Hotel Cafe is part of something special.

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