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Nina Lee - Live from Rockwood Music Hall

This event took place on October 6th, 2020, but replay to watch at your own pace is available!

REPLAY STARTS AT 9:00 Replay available for 48 hours from the end of the show

Live From Rockwood Music Hall shows take place from Stage 2 at Rockwood Music Hall, with 100% of the audience viewing from the comfort of their own home.

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Nina Lee

Nina loves the feeling of crushed velvet against her skin Cade 26 burning in her apartment The idea of the underground railroad at the Waldorf Astoria Reliving a memory through smell

Aperol Spritzes The tea in the hair salon that she can’t recall the name of that has a ginger-orange type of flavor

The voice of Amy Winehouse

Dogs Hands Silk blazers The Great Gatsby and the Paradiso Bar in Barcelona Late night swimming in the ocean

Nina will always be found with hand sanitizer in her purse, preferably lavender scented.

The sunsets in Atlantic Beach on summer nights The specificity of children's handwriting and the innocence that it encapsulates Tye dye t-shirts and charcoal face masks, and tradition

She loves to experience culture Rao’s in East Harlem But she will always go for sushi no matter what time of day

The smell of the Upper West Side after it rains Nina appreciates that we don’t know what tomorrow brings

The comfort of a yellow cab Raspy voices, the smell of a cigar The fear that is life And the urge to pass every hurdle put in front of her

At a gathering if asked to sing, the answer is always yes.



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About Rockwood Music Hall

A beacon of emerging and established live music acts in New York City since 2005, Rockwood Music Hall boasts three intimate stages, all with top-notch sound systems, and at least one of which is always free to attend. Over the past 15 years, the venue has become one of the most respected names in NYC for finding and booking the next big thing in music.


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