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Melissa Sullivan with Grecco Buratto

Singer-songwriter, Melissa Sullivan is based in Los Angeles. Her debut album, Late Last Night (Daring Sparrow), recorded at Sir Tiger Studios in Culver City, CA., is a hypnotic blend of pop, jazz and blues.  “Her voice evokes memories – yours sometimes, imaginary ones at other times, even cinematic memories of scenes in movies that have stuck with you and defined your vision of love.  Late Last Night is smooth, sweet, mature, ranging from cocktail bar smokey to clear as an evening sunset.  It gets under your skin and into your gut.” Patrick O'Heffernan, Vent Magazine.  

Album Late Last Night was a team effort with co-producer credits shared by Sullivan herself, Will Golden, Edward Maxwell (also upright bass) and Peter Adams who played piano and arranged the music. Sylvain Carton (Bb and bass clarinet, baritone sax), Blair Sinta (drums), Chris Steele (drums, percussion), Noah Hoffeld (cello), Leah Paul (flute), Felipe Frago (cucia), Raelon Bolton and Rafael Saliba (back-up vocals) added to the lush intimacy of this album.

Sullivan grew up on Air Force bases around the world from Wichita Falls, Texas to Naha, Okinawa, Japan. Through her travels one thing remained consistent, music. In L. A. Sullivan has played Room 5, El Cid and Largo.

Baby Sue Magazine says, “For us, the mark of a truly great singer is one who can sound incredible while making it all sound sooooooooo easy. Peggy Lee had this quality…Sullivan has that same cool and collected aura.”



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