Creating Video on Demand (VOD) and Setting a Price is a Cakewalk

ViDDD allows you to upload a video and set a price for viewers to buy access. You can set a fixed price or a "pay what you want" option. Users can also leave tips on videos. Payouts are super fast.

Create a One-On-One Schedule for your Fans to Purchase A Video Chat

ViDDD wants to make it easy for fans and clients to book time with you. We made a simple scheduling tool (other companies charge you for this tech) so you can set blocks of time for clients to purchase one-on-one sessions with you.

Use our Zoom-authorized app to create virtual events

Zoom is a great tool for conversations and interactive virtual events. We made it so you can create a Zoom event in ViDDD where you can set prices and receive tips. You fans and clients get one simple link with all your branding on it.

Great video streaming is valuable

Clients and fans pay directly for what they care about. Start accepting payment in just a few minutes. As fans and customers are going for virtual training, events and events you can start start scheduling video streams to connect.

Start Streaming

Build your fan & client list

Start streaming on ViDDD using simple, beautiful tools that make your video streams and web page stand out.

Add paid options for video streams

No tech skills required: just connect your bank account and set a price. You decide what’s free and what goes behind your paywall.

Your revenue grows with your community

On ViDDD, you make more money by doing work that your fans and clients find valuable. As this word is shared more fans and clients will join you video streams.

ViDDD works for professionals that have clients that want to pay for one-on-one or group video streaming sessions.

How much money can I make?

The best way to fans and clients using your paid video streams on ViDDD is to first build an audience for your work or reach out directly to your current clients telling them you have a video stream web service. Not all of your audience will pay, but not all of them have to. If you’re able to convert 5-10% of your fans and clients to paying, you’re well on your way.

Setting up video streams is free, forever. ViDDD only makes money when you do. We charge 10%. There’s also a credit card fee from our partner STRIPE of 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction, charged by our payments provider.

Start Streaming